Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Side Effects

One thing that you definitely should expect when taking steroids are side effects. Most of these are generally accepted as negative. I myself do not always agree. I will certainly like the increased body hair, although I still want to see more effect there.
About some side effects I really don't care - for example receding hairline is something people face and hate. For me it won't be an issue as long as I am hairy elsewhere. I crop or shave my head most of the time anyway.
Some effects are unpleasant - for example I have just noticed first signs of acne forming on my face. Nothing major yet, probably I just have to increase the frequency of washing.
Some effects are more than unpleasant. For these however there are things you can do to prevent them - usually by taking some additional medicine. See my previous posting on gyno and Nolvadex. Another thing I knew I can expect in theory, but in reality did not anticipate are joint problems. But a few days ago I had a minor injury in my elbow when training. This had not happened to me before, it must be the steroid mix again. To prevent any further joint problems I started taking Glucosamine tablets.
It is like this with heavy steroids - you don' only take them, you also take a whole bunch of pills in order to combat the side effects. But it's worth it.


agnis said...

You could also prevent joint problems by increasing the dose of Retabolil

Bear Wannabe said...

This is a good suggestion, but in fact I have not felt any negative side effects (joint-related or other) for several weeks. I think that at the end my body has adjusted and I feel great. Too bad that my cycle is almost over.