Saturday, July 12, 2008

DIY Nipple Pumps

I don't know if you have noticed how nipples play a big role in bear subculture. Just look at some bear porn and look how many of the guys have either big nipples or piercings. Macksf, the guy you see on the picture above and one of the most masculine bears ever, has really huge nipples. And here you can see how he got them that big.
My nipples are very sensitive and rather small. I can not say I enjoy nipple play because of this excessive sensitivity. While I am not that turned on by nipple size, I still decided to do something about it.
There are special mini pumps and rings that are being sold for this purpose, but I came up with a DIY solution which works equally well. You can easily do it too if you are interested.

All you need is some small plastic bottle which is soft so that you can squeeze it. I used two bottles from some medicine (actually nasal drops), which I cut to make the opening a little bigger. You can see here how they look:

Now take the bottle, put some water on the opening to seal the vacuum inside better, squeeze it and stick it to your nipple. It will stay there. The initial feeling is very intense, somewhat painful, but very pleasant in a way. The pain will gradually subside with time, but the intense feeling remains. If you wear them while walking they will sway with the movement, teasing you more.

One of the sites selling similar devices says that they should be worn no longer than 15 minutes. Most people on the Internet say they wear them between one and two hours a day, but still you should use caution.

When you take them off your nipples really look huge. Soon they go back to their normal size, but supposedly if done regularly the effect can become permanent.

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