Monday, October 13, 2008

Andractim - 2 Tubes To Go

This stuff is rather expensive and runs out faster than I thought initially. Of the 4 tubes I bought, only two are left now. I will of course finish them too, but I am doubtful if I will be able to continue with it for much longer. Well maybe, if it has some very noticeable effect at the end, but currently do not see any amazing results.


Anonymous said...

I've read on the Yahoo body hair group that it can take around 2 years before you reach the stage of a full hairy bear.

Have you noticed a difference with the hair on the top of your head? Supposedly DHT can cause baldness, but that's only if you have that particular gene.

The other negative side effect of DHT is prostate enlargement, but there is mixed information on that since I've read that DHT is sometimes used to treat prostate enlargement.

Thanks again for posting. I've been wondering about your results since there aren't very many if any others actually doing this with DHT.

Bear Wannabe said...

It is true that it takes time for your body hair to grow in new places. And it is very gradual. Judging from my previous experiments with testosterone and rogaine, you can not tell much about your progress unless you compare before and after pictures, (see my post from two months ago).
I will wait until I run out of DHT gel and then will make again such a comparison to see if it has worked.
Anyway I can say that rogaine + testosterone works and I will probably repeat the same cycle at some point next year.

I have not noticed any changes in the hair of my head, but I really do not care if I go bald or not.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Bear can you please tell me where you got the Andractim Cream from? I am having trouble finding where to get it.........any help is welcome.

Can you please post it here?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

I am the owner and moderator of the Yahoo Group "growbh". I would welcome any individual over 18 years of age to that group. The ONLY requirement is a completed Yahoo Profile. The focus in that group is the augmentation of male body hair by whatever means works. That is the subject of that group. We have a very large membership and as Yahoo Groups go this is an active Group.

I will advertise this Blog on the Group so that just maybe it can have some new life brought to it.

I am happy to see this blog site and feel that the more that is out there the better off we all are.

Anonymous said...

I had know idea they had this stuff available. I want to be hairy, prescription only right? what are the requirements for this med? So cool to know that someone else out there shares the same goal as me.